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RHOC Gretchen Rossi on Slade, Vicki & Alexis’ relationships

Gretchen dishes out the relationship details of the Real Housewives of Orange County in her interview with SheKnows’ celebrity correspondent, Whitney English. Watch now as she discusses her thoughts on marriage, Vicki’s divorce and Tamra’s relationship — and in true Gretchen style, she doesn’t hold back!

Gretchen clears up issues that she thinks the show misrepresented this season, and says that she and Slade weren’t having problems.

“We have real life issues,” she says. “We absolutely do. However, are we still very committed and do we love each other and you know, are we pushing through it? Absolutely.”

According to Gretchen, Alexis Bellino and her husband Jim’s marriage is just peachy.

She protested the suggestions that the couple was having problems: “They were having problems as much as Slade and I were having problems. I think every relationship goes through ups and downs, and every relationship has days that you fight and you argue.”

There were some couples that argued more than others, and Vicki Gunvalson’s divorce serves as a not-so-shocking example.

On Vicki’s divorce: “it’s been a long time coming.”

“I think that a divorce for anybody is very difficult and hard, however, I don’t think I was really surprised about that divorce,” Gretchen says. “I think it’s been a long time coming.”

Tamra + Eddie = “so opposite”

Is conflict in the future for Tamra Barney and her boyfriend Eddie? Gretchen says yes.

“It’s weird! I don’t see the two of them together because he has been so nice and wonderful. I just can’t see two people that are so opposite.”

The future of Gretchen and Slade

She also claims that her and Slade’s relationship is entirely different. Although Gretchen reveals her answer to a proposal would be far from negative, she doesn’t think marriage is a necessity.

“Slade and I are just so happy and content in the place that we’re at in our relationship. We don’t feel this need to have to get married to prove that we’re in love and committed to each other and sometime I think that speaks volumes compared to just going and getting married because every one says ‘You need to go get married.'”

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