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Sarah Ferguson says Princess Diana & Kate Middleton would’ve been BFFs

Sarah Ferguson says Princess Diana and Kate Middleton would have been the best of friends had Diana lived to see Prince William marry.

Sarah Ferguson

In a new interview with Piers Morgan, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, says that had Princess Diana lived she and Kate Middleton would have been best friends.

In fact, Ferguson says, Diana would have treated Kate like the daughter she never had!

“They would have been best friends,” Ferguson said. “I know she would have been so delighted, because she would have got her daughter.”

But would Kate then have received Diana’s stunning sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring? Possibly. In fact, they’d soon be neighbors as Prince William and Kate are moving into Diana’s old home, Kensington Palace.

“She always wanted to have a little girl to share clothes and things, she would have had her daughter-in-law. It would be wonderful.”

And what does the Duchess of York think of the new Duchess of Cambridge?

“I tip my hat off to her. She’s so serene! She glides like a swan,” she said.

“I think that she so loves him.” Much like Sarah Ferguson still loves Prince Andrew, whom she calls her “soul mate.”

Sarah Ferguson’s new six-part documentary, Finding Sarah, begins Sunday night on OWN at 9/8c.

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