Does LeAnn Rimes have a sex tape?

Does LeAnn Rimes have a sex tape? Her ex-husband Dean Sheremet sure wants us to think so.

LeAnn Rimes

Just what you always wanted to see: A LeAnn Rimes sex tape. Star magazine is alleging that a videocassette found in an old moving truck shows the singer in some very revealing positions with her ex-husband Dean Sheremet.

Details on the contents of the tape are rather sketchy at this point, and all that is known is that at least one scene shows Rimes bending over in a thong with her butt to the camera. Sounds pretty tame, and nothing more or less than what you might see on the beach.

Sheremet’s own comments, though, suggest there is much more to be seen.

“Things like this happen,” he said. “We were married for eight years, we did a lot of [expletive]!”

LeAnn has gone after the rumor with both barrels, issuing two denials: One on Twitter and one from her rep, both very carefully worded.

“LeAnn has absolutely never filmed a video having sex,” her rep said.

Just to drive the carefully-worded point home, LeAnn — who just threw a pretty great fundraiser for tornado relief — wrote on Twitter, “I hear there are rumors of a ‘sex tape’ I have never filmed myself having sex on tape, period. Haven’t joined that club LOL!”

That doesn’t mean there isn’t some raunchy behavior that fits LeAnn’s own personal Bill Clinton-esque definition of sex on that tape, though. Bonus: It was filmed before LeAnn Rimes looked like Skeletor.

Sadly, it was just a couple of years ago that no one would have believed a LeAnn Rimes sex tape could exist. Fast forward to the messy Eddie Cibrian situation, and it’s a whole new ball game.

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