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America’s Got Talent contestant impresses with Kathy Griffin impression

America’s Got Talent continued this week with some pretty spectacular auditions, including one impressionist who channeled the great Barbara Walters and Kathy Griffin all in the same act!

America’s Got Talent continued its audition round from the Seattle Paramount Theater and while some acts left the judges scratching their heads, we’re talking to you brothers who couldn’t sing My Girl, others came to impress.

America's Got Talent

For us, the best act of the night came from celebrity impressionist Melissa Villasenor. This retail sales girl looked shy and awkward when she first introduced herself to the judges, but as soon as she began it became clear the celebrity impressionist was going to Vegas.

Melissa Villasenor had the audience roaring with laughter with her spot-on take of Barbara Walters interviewing Natalie Portman. But it was her twangy Miley Cyrus and totally spot-on impression of Kathy Griffin that really got the crowd going.

The icing on her impressionist cake was her go at Christina Aguilera. She hit every high note and run Christina Aguilera would and even Sharon couldn’t hold it together any longer.

Sharon Osbourne called it right telling her she won’t be working in retail for much longer while Piers Morgan deemed it a “sensational audition.”

Did you catch Melissa Villasenor’s audition? What did you think of her celebrity impressions? If you didn’t see them, check out the video below and tell us what you think. We want to know!

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