Who stole Jennifer Lopez's sex tape?

Jun 8, 2011 at 11:06 a.m. ET

Jennifer Lopez successfully blocked the release of her sex tape, but now the woman who had the tape says it's been stolen.

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A sex tape featuring Jennifer Lopez has been stolen from the woman who was attempting to sell it. Claudia Vazquez, who was sold the tape by Ojani Noa, Lopez's first ex-husband and Vazquez's boyfriend, claims the video was stolen by the video's co-executive producer, Ed Meyer.

The footage is on a data drive, which Meyer, Vazquez claims, took from her without her permission. Subsequently, Vazquez's lawyer, Cris Armenta, sent Meyer a letter stating that he must show up in court and surrender the drive to Lopez's lawyer immediately or he'll be in even deeper trouble.

"You were on notice of the order and using false pretenses, you removed the drive from her house," the letter read in part. "You have been asked to return it by Claudia Vazquez, myself, and law enforcement authorities. Bring the drive with you to court. We intend to ask the Court to order you to hand the drive to Jennifer Lopez's attorneys immediately." Meanwhile, Meyer is stalling on turning over the data that features Lopez enjoying her honeymoon.

On Monday, Lopez successfully blocked the release of the sex video starring J-Lo getting playfully spanked by her then-husband and showing off her infamous butt without underwear. A bidding war among porn companies resulted in a top bid of a mere $40,000 because the video does not feature Lopez engaging in actual sex.