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Lady Gaga called Anna Wintour a what???

Lady Gaga accidentally called Anna Wintour a nasty name and lived to tell the tale.

Lady GagaLady Gaga told the crowd at the CFDA Fashion Awards that she called Anna Wintour a bitch — and somehow she is still alive.

The pop star told the tale while accepting the 2011 Icon Award. “I can’t believe I’m allowed in here,” she said.

“When I was told I won this award, Anna Wintour sent me a text message… She text messages!”

“So she sent me a text message,” Gaga continued, “and it said, ‘We’re so excited to tell you you won the CFDA Fashion Icon Award.’ And I actually thought it was Anna Treblin, who was one of my very close friends and [my stylist] Nicola’s assistant, who I go out and have drinks with all the time.”

“I have a couple Annas in my phone, so my reply was, ‘Yes, bitch, we did it!'”

Oh noes. It’s like sending those naked cell phone pics to Dad instead of David.

“Quite quickly I got a reply that said, ‘How lovely, and we will all be waiting to see what you will wear,'” Gaga said. “And then I thought, ‘Well won’t you be helping me choose what I will wear?’ And then I said, ‘Oh! It’s Anna Wintour.'”

Oopsie! Notoriously cold Wintour graciously allowed Lady Gaga to live — and still accept the award.

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