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Lost creator rips January Jones

Lost creator Damon Lindelof is no January Jones fan — he ripped the X-Men actress apart on Twitter!

January JonesJanuary Jones just can’t catch a break lately. Between rampant speculation over who might be her baby daddy (it isn’t Jason Sudeikis) and Zach Galifianakis exposing what a snot she can be, the last thing she needs is more bad PR right when her new flick X-Men: First Class is hitting theaters.

But that is exactly what she’s getting. This time it’s her acting ability that’s taking the hit. Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof is no fan of the actress either, and went on Twitter to tell the world how he thinks she can’t act.

Referring to Jones’ X-Men character, Lindelof wrote, “Emma Frost’s THREE mutant powers: Telepathy, Transformation to Solid Diamond and last but not least, Sucking at Acting.”

Wow, so he won’t be casting her in the next Star Trek sequel then?

Lindelof does have a conscience, though. This morning he tweeted, “I need to stop saying mean things on Twitter. #MORNINGAFTER”

Tell us: Is Damon Lindelof mean, accurate or both?

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