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Lloyd’s of London calls Michael Jackson a liar

Lloyd’s of London says it will not pay out a huge insurance policy covering Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour because the pop star lied on his policy application.

Michael Jackson

Lloyd’s of London is refusing to pay out a $17.5 million insurance policy taken out in case Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour didn’t get off the ground because they say the King of Pop lied on his application.

The famed insurance company is going to court to ask a judge to relieve them of their responsibility to pay for tour losses, saying that Michael Jackson lied through his teeth about his medical history.

Specifically, Lloyd’s of London claims Jackson lied and said he had not seen a physician other than a cosmetic surgeon since 2005, and did not disclose he was taking any prescription drugs.

Michael Jackson died just days before the tour was set to begin, from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic Propofol. Those close to Jackson say the singer used it almost nightly like a sleeping pill. Dr. Conrad Murray is accused of manslaughter in the death for giving Jackson the drugs.

Lloyd’s of London says because of this deception, they should not have to pay the Michael Jackson estate the crazy cash the executors say they’re owed.

Image courtesy Daniela D’Amato/ WENN

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