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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio spotted on a Disneyland date

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio were seen out on a date — at Disneyland. Yep, they ditched Cannes and Venice, Italy, for the happiest place on earth. And we’ve got the deets.

blake lively leoBlake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted on a romantic date at… Disneyland? We’re thinking this must have been Blake’s idea.

After the Gossip Girl actress was done with her presenting duties alongside Ryan Reynolds at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, Lively, 23, and DiCaprio, 35, set off for the Anaheim, California theme park where they got the royal celebrity treatment, along with a group of their pals.

The hot couple and their posse entered the park by a special VIP entrance. From there, they jumped the line, thanks to a Disneyland escort, and got on StarTours, a Star Wars-themed ride, late that evening where they took pictures of each other laughing and smiling.

After midnight, the group was spotted hanging around an arcade on Main Street and then taking a stroll through Downtown Disney to return to their hotel.

The two tried to go incognito while enjoying their Disneyland date, both wearing hats to hide their identities, but no such luck in remaining anonymous, as various park attendees and workers were able to figure out who the famous twosome was.

It sounds like that whole frenzy over those possible nude photos of Lively didn’t do anything to tear the new lovers apart, which is good. Because with star wattage like this, tabloid interest will only increase as their relationship develops.

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