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Britain’s got brains, bans Human Centipede 2

The British people won’t get to see the much-anticipated sequel to Human Centipede. Why? Because it’s officially banned.

Remember the big ol’ gross-out fest that was Human Centipede? Well, don’t you worry if you missed it — the filmmaker behind the “100 percent medically-accurate” film has made a sequel, aptly named Human Centipede 2.

Human Centipede 2 banned in Britain

As long as you’re not in the U.K., that is — the British Board of Film Classification has banned the film in the U.K.

“There is little attempt to portray any of the victims in the film as anything other than objects to be brutalized, degraded and mutilated for the amusement and arousal of the central character, as well as for the pleasure of the audience,” the BBFC wrote in their decision.

This prompted an angry rant from the film’s Dutch director, Tom Six.

“Apparently, I made a horrific horror film, but shouldn’t a good horror film be horrific?” Six wrote in an email to Empire Magazine. “My dear people it is a [expletive] MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief [sic]. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not. If people can’t handle or like my movies they just don’t watch them.”

“If people like my movies they have to be able to see it any time, anywhere also in the UK,” Six continued.

He does have a point — and we think the banning is just going to give more publicity to the film. People always want what they can’t have, Human Centipede included.

Do you think Human Centipede 2 should be banned from theaters?

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