Jennifer Lopez blocks sex tape's release

Jun 6, 2011 at 1:47 p.m. ET

Jennifer Lopez has successfully blocked the release of an intimate tape featuring the star and ex-husband Ojani Noa. Of course, she's stopped it for now. But will it get released eventually?

jennifer lopez sex tapeJennifer Lopez must be relieved. This morning, her lawyer won a courtroom appeal to block the release of a very intimate and sexy tape of Lopez starring the American Idol judge and her (first) ex-husband Ojani Noa.

Noa has been trying for years to sell the video of the singer and actress in a variety of sexy situations. In this latest round, Noa had sold the tape to his current girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, in an attempt to circumvent a previous ruling that barred Noa from making money from the video. His latest trick didn't work, though, as a Los Angeles Superior Court judge said no way to the switcheroo.

The video was shot during Lopez and Noa's 1997 honeymoon. The tape features no actual sex, but it does showcase Lopez's famous rear-end, including a scene in which Noa spanks her money-maker, and some underpants-free shots.

The judge ruled that Lopez must sign off on the sale of the video, which, of course, will never happen. Prior to the judge's ruling today numerous adult video production companies had been engaged in a bidding war over the Lopez movie.

Noa, for all his troubles, wasn't going to get much for it, though, seeing as there's no actual sex in this celebrity sex tape. Bidding had topped out around $40,000. Now, he won't even get that.

His girlfriend claims she's not trying to sell the video, but what else would she do with it?