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MTV Movie Awards: Robert Pattinson gone wild

It’s a wild night for Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson as he kisses co-star Taylor Lautner and drops an F-bomb at the MTV Movie Awards.

Robert Pattinson

Who knew vampires and werewolves were so friendly?

The stars of The Twilight Saga took center stage Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards with a randy threesome highlighted by a Robert PattinsonTaylor Lautner kiss.

Yep, you read that right. The two hunks smooched after R-Patz broke away from co-star Kristen Stewart and ran into the audience to embrace Lautner after Pattinson and Stewart were announced as the winners of the Best Kiss category for the third year in a row.

Pattinson and Stewart had famously failed to kiss upon receiving the award for the past two years.

“I feel bad because I don’t feel like kissing you,” said Pattinson to K-Stew onstage. “You don’t want to kiss me, do you?”

“Well, it’s been a long time and I think maybe we should finally go for it,” Stewart said.

Nope. “I just think there’s someone else in the audience who I think will appreciate it a little more,” Pattinson said. At that point Pattinson — opened armed — headed to Lautner’s seat, bent over and planted one on his co-star, who seemed to begrudgingly accept R-Patz’s affection. Pattinson finished by kissing Lautner on his hand. Lautner wiped his own mouth and then Pattinson, not done, headed back to the stage.

Once there, he tugged on Stewart — “I want to take you back stage” — implying more shenanigans. The two left without a kiss between them.

Later in the show, Pattinson said the F-word which was missed by censors when introducing Reese Witherspoon’s MTV Generation Award with Patrick Dempsey and Chelsea Handler. The word came as Pattinson rambled on about filming Vanity Fair and Water for Elephants with Witherspoon.

“I did my first movie with you, Vanity Fair, and you played my mother,” said R-Patz, reading from a crumbled paper. “What I later learned, though, is that you were directly responsible for cutting my part in the movie out. This is the truth. Seven years later we worked together again in a movie called Water for Elephants and this time you played my lover. I didn’t cut you out but I did [expletive] you.”

It must have been a full moon Sunday night.

Watch Robert Pattinson kiss Taylor Lautner:

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