Denis Leary: Michael J. Fox is the 'greatest human being alive'

Jun 3, 2011 at 9:57 p.m. ET

Denis Leary says he is jealous of his friend Michael J. Fox's Emmy collection, but can't stay mad for long because Fox is "the greatest human being alive."

Michael J. Fox

Picture it: You and your BFF work in the same industry, doing the same job. You both enjoy a comparable level of fame. Yet he gets all the awards and your hands are still empty -- even though one of his awards was from helping you do your job!

That's the exact position Denis Leary finds himself in with Michael J. Fox when Fox won an Emmy for his performance on Leary's otherwise awardless show Rescue Me. Leary says he doesn't begrudge his buddy his wins, though, because Fox is a hell of a guy.

"The only thing we won was for Michael J. Fox's guest role. I'm happy for him, but Mike's got, I'm guessing, four or five Emmys. So when you get to the point where one of your friends already has four Emmys, and you got him one of them, there's a greedy little part of me that's like, 'You know, I wouldn't mind having one,'" Leary told The Hollywood Reporter.

"If he gets nominated and wins this year [for The Good Wife], I'm going to his house and I'm stealing the Emmy from him. Like he needs another one! He also has, like, $600 billion in Spin City money. I hate him. He's a talented guy and nice and successful. He's the worst kind of friend because he's actually the greatest human being alive. There is no way to look good standing next to him."

Here's hoping Fox returns to The Good Wife next season -- and Leary finally gets that Emmy.

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