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5 Hot actors speaking French

A video of Bradley Cooper speaking fluent French while promoting The Hangover Part II sparked a flurry of internet buzz from women who found Cooper’s bilingual prowess to be oh so sexy. (And that includes us!) Here are five videos of hot American actors who have that certain je ne sais quois as masters of the French language.

Bradley Cooper in Details magazine

1. Bradley Cooper

While promoting The Hangover Part II (French translation: “Very Bad Trip 2”), Bradley Cooper stunned American lasses everywhere when he showed us he swings both ways, language-wise. You can practically see the French anchor from network TF1 salivating — and we don’t blame her!

Watch Bradley Cooper’s French interview here:

2. Johnny DeppJohnny Depp

Watch the video here!

Depp has repeated declared his love for anything French, specifically his longtime partner, French actress Vanessa Paradis. He takes his affinity one step further with this 2004 French film, Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup (translation: …And They Lived Happily Ever After), about marriage and infidelity, co-starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

3. Orlando Bloom

Is a Pirates of the Caribbean trend forming? These guys know their foreign languages. Well, maybe not exactly in Orlando’s case, but at least he tries in this 2007 clip. Which is super-sexy too.

Watch the video of sexy Orlando Bloom speaking French here:

4. Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL is so darned cute, and this video of him promoting the movie Brick at the 2005 Festival of Deauville only endears him to us more. Does anyone else have the urge to bust out a French textbook and have a little tête-à-tête (so to speak)?

Watch the video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s French interview:

5. Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake

We’re pretty sure our beloved JT is toying with the audience, Saturday Night Live–style, as he answers these random questions from French TV show La Boite à Questions in 2007, but that doesn’t make his answers any less charming. Who knew butter could be so sexy?

Watch the video of Justin speaking French here:

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