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Sean Penn & Scarlett Johansson split

The thrill is gone: After just a few months, Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn have split.

Scarlett Johansson

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are no more — at least, their relationship is no more. The couple’s love affair has gone kaput, and everyone is being suspiciously hush-hush about the whole situation.

Which can only mean one thing: Russian hookers.

Now, we don’t have any proof of that, of course, but it is alleged that one of the 18,375 times Robin Wright filed for divorce from him was caused by his penchant for Eastern European ladies of the night, and that the beleaguered wife even caught him with a couple — yes, more than one — during what was supposed to be a romantic vacation. Allegedly.

Anyway, it’s very rare that an alleged leopard can change his alleged spots. For example, this blind item recently seen on Crazy Days and Nights had tongues wagging it was about Penn:

“This A list movie actor who is supposedly involved with an almost A list movie actress sure was not showing signs of it at a recent party. When asked how he had met his date for the night, our actor said he had called a guy who called a guy, and was not quite sure what her name was, but that she was really good in bed.”

Lucky for Scarlett he was just a rebound fling — she and Ryan Reynolds split in December.

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