Ramona Singer has another TV breakdown

Real Housewife Ramona Singer has another on-screen freak out, this time brawling with Jill Zarin. In the aftermath, Singer denies she drinks too much and declares she flirts with other men.

ramona singer crazy

Ah, Ramona Singer. She’s the real reason we watch The Real Housewives of New York City. Never a dull moment when Ramona’s in the room! But after having yet another on-screen meltdown, Singer felt compelled to set the record straight on her drinking habits and whether or not her husband’s cheating on her.

In tomorrow night’s episode, estranged gal pals Singer and Jill Zarin get into a fight that leaves Singer in “hysterics” in her hotel room.

“Jill had a lot of venom coming at me,” Singer says. “That’s what got me so upset.”

But could there be something more to Singer totally losing it in front of the cameras?

As far as the booze factor, Singer, who has her own brand of wine, Ramona Pinot Grigio, says, “I don’t drink more or less than anyone else, and I drink responsibly. Was I tipsy in Morocco that first night? Absolutely! You’re jet-lagged, so the alcohol hits you a little. But was I slurring my words? No.”

Of a fortune teller who suggested Singer’s husband Mario was seeing another woman, Singer says, “I’m happily married for 19 years. Do I flirt with other men? Absolutely. Does my husband enjoy looking at another woman who’s gorgeous? Absolutely. He’s a male — he’d better. It means his testosterone is still working!”

We hear you, Ramona, loud and clear.

Do you love Ramona… or loathe her?


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