Stacey Dash cat fight was exaggerated, says LisaRaye

May 30, 2011 at 12:39 p.m. ET

LisaRaye McCoy recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to talk about her new VH1 show Single Ladies -- and the rumored cat fight between her and her co-star Stacey Dash.

LisaRaye McCoy (pictured middle) and Stacey Dash (pictured left) are appearing on the new VH1 scripted show Single Ladies, which has been compared to Sex and the City. However, it is not all cosmos and girl talk on the Atlanta set, as there have been rumors that LisaRaye and Dash have not been getting along.

stacey dash in single ladies

In fact, there were reports of hair pulling and Stacey storming off set! LisaRaye went on The Wendy Williams Show to talk about Single Ladies and to clear the air.

When Wendy asked LisaRaye about the behind the scenes drama, she said: "I am too grown to put myself in that situation. No physical anything. We are filming 13 to 15 hours a day. When you are seeing each other every day there will be some creative differences, there's going to be some words exchanged... but that was yesterday... We have moved on."

When asked specifically about the hair pulling and Stacey running off set, LisaRaye said: "No fights. None like that."

So there you have it!

Comparing Single Ladies to Sex and the City, Wendy said that LisaRaye's character is similar to Samantha and Dash's character is similar to Carrie. "It's positive. It's current. It's sexy," says LisaRaye.

Watch LisaRaye talk about the rumored Stacey Dash fight on The Wendy Williams Show here: