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Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bono and Steven Tyler hit American Idol

So many great performances hit the American Idol finale stage including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bono and Steven Tyler.

American Idol had some pretty big names take the stage during Wednesday’s finale where Scotty McCreery took the title.

Lady Gaga on American Idol

Lady Gaga hit the American Idol stage to perform her new single Edge of Glory and we have to say — this might be one of the more inspirational songs we’ve seen live. It has an addictive beat that makes you want to get up and say, “I can do anything.” It’s just amazing and it looked even more amazing on the American Idol finale!

Beyonce also captivated the stage, joining the girls of the top 13 and then returning later in the show to perform 1 + 1. We’re not quite sure, but she was so into that song that it’s possible she forgot where she was. It was one of those performances you end up having to pick your jaw up off of the floor after it’s finished.

Everyone was talking about Bono and the Edge heading to American Idol and after seeing them hit the stage all we can say is — Bono and the Edge were in the house! They hit the stage with some Spider-Man the musical action and wove a web of musical magic. They sang Rise Above with the song’s composers and it sounded like a haunting melody of beauty. Okay, we’re done gushing.

They saved the best for last. Judge Steven Tyler, minus his Aerosmith buddies, took his voice to that place we love so much with Dream On! We don’t care how old that song is, it’s always fresh and welcome in our books. Honestly, he didn’t need backing, that song was made for him and his piano and it was brilliant!

What did you think of their performances? Tell us, we want to know.

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