Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress threatens ex with lawsuit

May 25, 2011 at 8:37 p.m. ET

The secret mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening her ex with a huge lawsuit for claiming he had no idea her son wasn't his!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mildred Patty Baena is breaking her silence -- through her lawyer, at least. Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped crazy cash on his mistress, and now she may be using some of that windfall to pay for her high-powered attorney.

In a hugely ironic twist, the longtime employee who utterly betrayed Maria Shriver says she will take legal action against Rogelio Baena for saying he was betrayed unless he issues an apology and retraction.

Rogelio, from whom Arnold's mistress separated mere days after the birth of Schwarzenegger's secret child, told ET he had no idea the kid was not his son until a week ago.

The naughty housekeeper is crying foul, saying he knew all along -- because the guy wasn't even in the country when the kid was conceived.

"Thus, Mr. Baena knew then, just as he knows now, that he could not possibly have been the boy's father," reads the threatening letter.

Baena's lawyers also say Rogelio was living in Colombia until ET hunted him down and paid him to come "to the States to lie on television for a six figure paycheck."

Kind of like she lied to Maria Shriver for a huge paycheck, including her salary, a house, a baby shower, a huge party for her family...

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