Steven Tyler forced girlfriend to get abortion at five months pregnant

American Idol judge Steven Tyler’s former girlfriend Julia Holcomb has spoken out, stating that Tyler pressured her to have an abortion when she was five months pregnant, despite her desire to carry her pregnancy. Her version of the events aren’t the same as Tyler’s, which he shared in his autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? Keep reading to find out what Holcomb says really happened.

steven-tyler-girlfriend-abortionSteven Tyler, American Idol judge and lead singer of Aerosmith, allegedly forced his former girlfriend, Julia Holcomb, to have an abortion. During the abortion, Holcomb says that Tyler sat by her hospital bed and snorted cocaine.

Holcomb says that he threatened to end his relationship with her if she didn’t have an abortion. As a result, the 17-year-old underwent the procedure when she was five months pregnant.

Even more upsetting, the Daily Mail reports that because Holcomb was so far along in her pregnancy, she was given an injection to induce labor. Her son was born alive and then “left to die.”

Tyler released his autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, prompting Julia Holcomb to share her version of the events leading up to the abortion. She says that Tyler initially wanted to have a baby with her — Holcomb claims that Tyler even tossed her birth control pills over a balcony. When she became pregnant, she assumed they’d get married and have a family.

However, five months later, while Tyler was on tour, there was a fire at their house. Holcomb, who was home at the time, was rushed to the hospital. She later woke up to be told by a doctor that Tyler suggested she have an abortion “since I was so young and recovering from smoke inhalation.”

Holcomb resisted. “I was five months pregnant. I could not believe he was even asking me to have an abortion at this stage,” she said. “He spent over an hour pressing me to go ahead and have the abortion.”

Despite her misgivings, Holcomb says that she finally relented and agreed to the abortion when Tyler said he would end their relationship if she didn’t.

After the abortion, Holcomb says, “Steven was relieved and happy. He reassured me that he cared for me and that after the abortion everything would be fine.”

This is quite contrary to what he wrote in Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? “You go to the doctor and they put the needle in her belly and they squeeze the stuff in and you watch,” wrote Tyler. “And it comes out dead. I was pretty devastated. In my mind, I’m going, Jesus, what have I done?”

We’re wondering whether Steven Tyler will respond to Julia Holcomb’s recount of the abortion.


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