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Team Scotty or Team Lauren: Experts weigh in!


Who is going to pull off the win on American Idol: Lauren Alaina or Scotty McCreery? Experts weigh in!

Team Lauren or Team Scotty?

Have you exhausted your fingers yet voting for either Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina to bring home the gold on American Idol?

Of course you have! These two gave it all they had Tuesday night — and our pick is McCreery to take it all. Who agrees with us? Well, it depends on whom you ask — McCreery seems to be a fan favorite, but tons of people are searching for Alaina online.

Yahoo! reports that Alaina has received nearly nine times the number of searches as McCreery within the past seven days. Twitter analyzer Topsy also reports that there have been over 59,000 tweets about American Idol within the past seven days — and 16,000 of those have come within the past 24 hours. A Topsy graph shows that Alaina also wins with Twitter mentions — she crushes McCreery on the social media site.

That’s a lot of Idol talk.

However, many Idol devotees still say McCreery will take it all.

“He has never been in the bottom three, Lauren has once. He is the only male contestant left, which means he will probably have a lock on the important tween-girl vote who have elected three male winners in a row,” Yahoo! Reality Rocks blogger Lyndsey Parker said earlier this week.

“And he has been unstoppable all season. I think Scott can better handle this competition. Although he is not even a full year older than Lauren, he carries himself with more maturity. Lauren has a fragile disposition and tends to crumble under pressure. She may go on to sell more records, but Scott will take the title.”

Another Idol blogger agrees.

“While I would argue that some of the better vocalists have fallen by the wayside en route to this twang-filled finale (I’m looking at you, Haley and James — and Pia, too!), it’s all about the South and all about teenagers this week. Lauren or Scotty? I gotta go with Scotty. Lauren’s talent is clear but her execution is often questionable, and I look for her nerves to get the best of her this week,” AI Now’s Michael J. Lamp said.

“Scotty, though one-note, is more even-keeled and doesn’t appear too overwhelmed by the stage or the stakes. I think Lauren’s type of singing gives her a better chance at having an Idol ‘moment,’ but Scotty’s fan base of teen girls, elderly couples and bullriders will carry him to this year’s confetti shower.”

One Idol fanatic even compares McCreery to another winner, Taylor Hicks.

“Scotty McCreery is the favorite to win and has been since the season began,” statistics professor Dr. Jason Gershman said.

“Not since Taylor Hicks won season five has one contestant been so dominant in the apparent vote throughout the entire season. Scotty never had a bad week in the vote tallies and always has had a comfortable margin over second place. Taylor Hicks continued that in his season finale which he won by a landslide. Will Scotty do the same? I would be totally shocked if he didn’t.”

We’re hoping McCreery doesn’t see the comparison with Hicks — we all know how well he’s done in the years since he won Idol (that’s sarcasm, of course).

Now it’s your turn: Who is going to win American Idol, Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina?

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