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Glee finale recap: Nationals in New York

Glee‘s New York-based finale hit Fox Tuesday night, leaving us satisfied with the nice little bow in which they tied up the loose ends.

Glee took on the Big Apple in their season finale, fittingly called New York. With so many loose ends left going into the finale, we thought it would be less painful if we put you out of your misery fast and gave you the goods on what went down right off the bat. Here’s everything you need to know about Glee’s season finale, New York, and what happened at Nationals.

Glee finale

First there was the Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) issue to clear up. They took in the beauty of New York and met for a nice little dinner. Guess who they ran into? None other than Patti Lupone. The icon gave lots of advice to Rachel, but Finn was the one dying to get some time with Rachel. He asked her to kiss him — but she refused his advances — for now.

After some time and a fun duet of For Good with Kurt (Chris Colfer), Rachel was ready to take the stage with Finn at Nationals.

Before the New Directions could hit the floor, Usher’s Yeah bellowed through the auditorium from the girls choir and then Sunshine Corazon (Charice) took her rightful place as a force to be reckoned with in her rendition of As Long As You’re There. She was just crazy-good (see photo below)!

Glee Charice

Finn and Rachel’s turn came next. The duo sang their original song Pretending. Bam, right at the end they kissed. Jesse St. James was not happy. He blabbered that the kiss would cost them the competition.

The group didn’t even rank in the top 10 for Nationals (they got 12th) but something great came of it — Finn and Rachel. They both admitted the kiss was worth losing Nationals for — but Rachel will move to NYC after graduation. We see great things for season three with these two.

Then there was the Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) moves to Broadway problem. Vocal Adrenaline’s coach Dustin ratted Mr. Schuester out to the kids who were totally freaked that he would leave them for Broadway. Mr. Schuester assured them he was not going to leave them, despite performing Still Got Tonight on the big stage. That was the original Matthew Morrison song everyone was buzzing about weeks ago from his new album.

What did you think of the Glee season finale? Did it lack the thrill that we normally see or was it just an easy way to close the door on a few stories before heading into season three?

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