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American Idol: Lauren Alaina will perform despite vocal issues

American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina will compete tonight despite losing her voice in rehearsals today.

Lauren Alaina American IdolAmerican Idol finalist Lauren Alaina lost her voice at rehearsals today, barely getting through two of her three songs. Haley Reinhart was brought in to sub just in case — but it looks like the feisty singer isn’t needed after all.

Lauren Alaina has taken the stage and sounds fabulous, say audience members!

A doctor was brought in to the American Idol set to tend to Lauren’s broken pipes.

According to TMZ, the doc said Lauren “blew out her vocal cords” but he gave her a bunch of meds and “she’ll do great.”

Say what?

Here’s the deal. Professional singers unfortunately lose their voices with some frequency, but the show must go on. A couple of cortisone shots to the vocal cords and you’re good as new! We’re not sure that’s what the doc did to Lauren, but it’s standard procedure in a case like hers.

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