Lauren Alaina loses voice hours before American Idol finale!

May 24, 2011 at 7:26 p.m. ET

According to TMZ, American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina might not get her shot at glory.

American Idol

According to TMZ, American Idol hopeful Lauren Alaina might be missing from the finale tonight. Why, you ask?

TMZ is reporting that Lauren Alaina has lost the one thing that you need in the American Idol finale against Scotty McCreery -- her voice.

According to the report, Lauren Alaina was supposed to sing three songs during rehearsal this afternoon. The poor girl did her best through the first two but couldn't handle the third.

TMZ is reporting that a doctor put Alaina on a no-sing or speak order and that there is a "real possibility" she will be unable to participate in tonight's finale against Scotty McCreery.

This brings us to who TMZ is saying would replace her -- Haley Reinhart.

If Haley Reinhart gets another chance, do you think she has the goods to turn it around and get the votes?

Either way, tune in tonight to see how this plays out.