Justin Timberlake's unaired SNL sketch: Mouse Club Mozart!

May 24, 2011 at 5:36 p.m. ET

Everyone wants Justin Timberlake to bring the Sexy Back and the singer-turned-actor finally answered the call with a sketch mocking his transition to the big screen. There's also one good Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber slam in there, but even that turns into a swipe at Timberlake. The Saturday Night Live sketch didn't make it into last week's finale, but SheKnows has the dress rehearsal clip here!

Justin Timberlake mocks himself in unaired SNL Mozart sketch

Justin Timberlake always gets laughs onSaturday Night Live and during the May 21 finale, musical guest Lady Gaga got in on the fun, chiming in for the ménage à trois sequel to Timberlake's 2009 duet with Andy Samberg, Mother Lover.

One SNL sketch, however, didn't make the air -- and it should have! Luckily, SNL posted the dress rehearsal!

In the unaired Mozart clip below, Timberlake goes back in time to make fun of himself. It starts when Timberlake, as legendary composer Mozart, announces his plan to transition into acting, which leads his posse to scoff that he's "one of those musicians who think they can act."

This leaves Mozart (and J.T.) to defend himself by reminding folks he got his start on the Austrian Mouse Club, along with Little Beethoven, Little Hayden, Christina and Sir Ryan Gosling. Timberlake as Mozart also cites his popularity on The Saturday Evening Farce; pokes fun at the similarity between his summer 2011 rom-com Friends with Benefits and Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher's No Strings Attached; and gets called out for his hipster style.

Timberlake occasionally breaks the German accent to make comments on his real life, dropping asides about not nabbing his own Golden Globe nom for The Social Network, those comedy songs he makes with his trashy pal Salieri (Andy Samberg) and the reveal that, yes, the Mouseketeers all hooked up back in the day.

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The ultimate hit comes when Mozart's crew decides to give up on him, threatening to get jobs working for Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber. "Why don't you just put a wig on a chipmunk and train it to act like a black man?" Timberlake snarks about the Biebs, but even there, J.T. becomes the butt of the laugh when his people sneer back, "Like you never front."

Check out Justin Timberlake fronting as Mozart, below. In addition, since SheKnows specifically requested Lady Gaga get in on a digital track with Timberlake and Samberg, we posted that too!

Justin Timberlake's SNL Mozart Sketch

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