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10 Creepiest Steven Tyler moments on AI

Steven Tyler on American Idol is pure entertainment. He is funny, outrageous — and, yes, even a little creepy. Check out our top 10 creepiest Steven Tyler moments on Idol where we catch him gawking, flirting and making totally inappropriate, yet hilarious, comments.

You must tune in to American Idol — for no other reason than to watch Steven Tyler shamelessly flirt with the contestants and make hilarious and creepy comments. Love him or hate him, you have to admit he is entertaining. Check out his top 10 moments (so far!) on American Idol!

Steven Tyler on American Idol

1.  Steven Tyler’s dirty beat box

Check out Steven Tyler beat boxing while a contestant dances and writhes — as a horrified Jennifer Lopez watches on. Tyler loves it — and we are a little creeped out by it! The video also showcases more fun Steven Tyler moments.

2.  He said what?

“Well, you look like you could be one of my… nope, not gonna say it,” Tyler said to contestant Alyson Jados. “Friends. [You look like you could be] one of my friends.” He goes up and hugs her. What was he going to say? Lover? Daughter? Who knows, but it sounded pretty creepy to me!

3.  Steven’s lip fetish?

“Where did you get those lips? You had me sold the second you laid eyes on me,” Tyler told contestant Sarah Sellers, as he looked her up and down.

Sarah Sellers on american idol

4. The creepy leer

Jimmy Kimmel has enjoyed Steven Tyler’s creepy ways on American Idol so much, he has a segment dedicated to it! Check out Kimmel’s “Steven Tyler’s creepy leer of the night.” Hilarious!

5.  Maybe she should have covered up more…

“Just the right amount [of leg] showing… that’s nice,” Tyler told 16-year-old Victoria Huggins, looking at her skirt. Check out the creepy conversation below — starts around the 3:12 mark.

6.  Jennifer Lopez is not immune

Watch Tyler check out JLo’s famous booty as she walks over to hug a contestant! And, yes, he fist bumps Randy.

steven tyler on american idol


7.  And the flirting continues…

“An Italian with tattoos, I love you already… Where is your pitchfork, you little devil?” Tyler says, flirting with a contestant.


8. funny or frightful?

“You should be arrested for that voice. Do you have handcuffs?” he asked a contestant. I think he meant it to be funny, but it still came across as a little creepy!

9. The creepy leering continues

Jimmy Kimmell has captured another perverted leer perfectly!

10.  Did he steal that line from an xx movie?

“That was unbridled enthusiasm,” he tells a contestant. “I’m going to personally work that into something good.”

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