Where's the love? American Idol winner Lee DeWyze not invited to finale

May 24, 2011 at 4:04 a.m. ET

Don't hold your breath to see former American Idol winner Lee DeWyze perform at the finale: He wasn't invited!

Scandal alert! Last year's winner of American Idol, Lee DeWyze, won't be on stage at the Nokia Theater on Wednesday night to pass the torch to either Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina.

Lee DeWyze not invited to American Idol finale

Why? Previous winners always appear to perform on the finale -- Kris Allen did it last year when DeWyze was crowned. So, what's the deal?

"Hey guys, no I'm not performing at the Finale. I wasn't asked to. A lot of questions so I thought I'd fill you in. Talk to you soon," DeWyze tweeted Monday afternoon.

DeWyze kept it cool on his Twitter, but his bro wasn't so diplomatic about it.

"American idol producers have no respect... that is all... serious b.s.," Michael DeWyze tweeted.

He went on to call AI head honcho Nigel Lythgoe a "no soul scumbag."

"While u may be respectful about it i think its [expletive]," Michael tweeted to Lee.

He calmed down a bit later and took down some of his tweets.

"People may think I'm being rude its just very obvious when someone is being treated disrespectfully... sorry bout angry tweets. Heat of moment," Michael wrote.

DeWyze's exclusion from the finale does leave us with a lot of questions -- are they trying to forget he ever won?

Scandalous indeed.

Why do you think American Idol producers didn't invite Lee DeWyze to the finale?

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