The Bachelorette: Ashley loves on Ryan P, ditches drunk Tim!

May 24, 2011 at 9:33 a.m. ET

Ashley Hebert returned in the season premiere of The Bachelorette Monday night, bringing with her the memories of Brad Womack and a few boys we wanted to boot from minute one.

Before Ashley Hebert even set foot out of The Bachelorette limo, we had to relive her broken heart again -- thanks, Brad Womack. But that's okay; she got to meet 25 hotties. Chris Harrison wasted no time introducing us to a few of the bachelors right off the bat.

The Bachelorette

Ryan P. sounds like a good man. He wants to change the world and all that jazz, but he's missing the girl by his side. Then there's Ames who just wants to be with a girl who is passionate about what they do. Seems like we've heard this all before.

Bentley has a daughter and a kick-butt name. Did we mention he also has things most people don't? Bentley caused drama before the limo even dropped him off. Apparently, a friend of Ashley's who knows his ex-wife warned her of a few things. We'll see how this goes.

Ashley's hotties step out of the limo

When Ashley met Ryan P., it was so cute. There's something really genuine about him -- maybe a little too genuine. Jon the fireman carried the poor girl toward the limo in an attempt to make an impression -- you never chance ripping a girl's dress. Then we've got Jeff who shows up in a mask claiming to want to be loved for his inner beauty -- not his face.

The Bachelorette

Fast-forwarding through the muck -- a lot of guys declared they were hurt in the past, some didn't know what to say, William forgot to mention his name and Mickey tried to kiss her. Wow, classy! Okay, we do have to give it to Ames for bringing his lady love ballet tickets.

Ryan M. broke out a camera like the paparazzi and asked her to take a picture of him and Chris Harrison later in the night -- what is with some of these guys? When she finally met Bentley, who by the way she was hoping wasn't hot, you could feel the awkwardness.

Ashley hebert mingles with the men

Chris Harrison promised the evening's party was going to be wild and we have to say -- it was not that exciting. Sure, Jeff kept his masked-man act up -- but don't worry, the guys razzed him on behalf of everyone in America. That pretty much happened the entire night. Here are a few other highlights from the party that are worth mentioning.

Matt called his mom from a cell phone right in front of Ashley. She proceeded to give Ash some advice on the whole sharing rooms situation -- weird.

The Bachelorette

Here's where the party got interesting. Remember all those clips of the guy passed out in the chair? Well, that was Tim M. He got totally smashed and was eliminated before the rose ceremony even began. Nothing like a drunk looking for love on television to keep us entertained.

The build-up of Ashley confronting Bentley over the gossip her friend told her did not pay off. Sure, he might have been there for his own reasons, but her detective skills were not very good. She kept assuring him it was okay to tell her anything. She should have just asked him. This will probably become a big blow-up later in the season.

So, you're probably wondering how the roses were handled. Remember Ryan P., the guy we loved because he wanted to save the world? He got the first impression rose. We had a feeling about this guy. He's our early pick for the final three.

Frank, Jon, Anthony, Mike, Rob, and Chris M. joined Tim as the first contestants eliminated in the season premiere.

Left standing for Ashley Hebert to choose from on The Bachelorette are Ben C., Chris D., Mickey, Bentley, Blake, Ben F., Nick, Stephen, William, West, Lucas, Constantine, Ryan P., Ames, Jeff, Matt, Ryan M. and J.P.

What did you think of the season premiere of The Bachelorette? Do you have any early favorites?