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Princess Beatrice’s wacky royal wedding hat sells for big bucks


The wacky hat Princess Beatrice wore to the wedding of her cousin Prince William sold for huge money on eBay — and a deserving charity will reap the rewards.

Princess Beatrice

Despite looking like an oversized set of fallopian tubes placed on her forehead, the hat worn by Princess Beatrice to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton just sold for huge money on eBay.

How big? 81,100 pounds big — the rough equivalent of 130,000 American dollars.

Wow! So who’s the lucky winner? Sadly, we may never know whose taste is as tacky as the hat’s original owner, since the winner of the auction bid anonymously.

The real winner, however, is the charity that will receive all that cash. You didn’t think Princess Beatrice was going to pocket that money, did you? All the proceeds from the auction of the royal wedding hat will be donated to UNICEF UK and Children in Crisis via Beatrice’s Little Bee Initiative Campaign.

“I’ve been amazed by the amount of attention the hat has attracted,” said Princess Beatrice when the auction was announced. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to raise as much money as possible for two fantastic charities. I hope whoever wins the auction has as much fun with the hat as I have.”

If you catch your wealthy eccentric auntie wearing this to Christmas dinner next year, email us a photo!

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