American Idol’s Adam Lambert and boyfriend tattoo together

The couple that tattoos together, stays together? Looks like that is what American Idol alum Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen are hoping. The pair each got freshly inked Thursday night at Kat Von D’s LA Ink shop.

American Idol’s Adam Lambert took to Twitter to show off his brand new artwork, taking a moment to tease followers before revealing a photo of his key tattoo. Thanking a follower, Adam wrote, “Thanks for telling me bout Kevin at Kat Von D’s high voltage tattoo! I wish he coulda tattooed us at the same time! Do you all wanna guess what I got?”

Adam Lambert’s over one million Twitter followers, surely a great deal of American Idol fans, responded with an interesting mix of guesses ranging from a unicorn to a ‘pink elephant with glittery rollerskates.’ Turns out Adam Lambert’s new tattoo isn’t anything quite that flashy — it’s a key.

The 29-year-old, who shot to fame during the eighth season of American Idol, shared the photo seen here on Twitter writing, “Based on drawing by Hans Haveron and tattooed by Kevin Lewis!”

No word on what Adam Lambert’s boyfriend Sauli got done at the tattoo shop, though a video shows his new ink is in the same forearm location as Adam’s. It does not appear that the couple got matching tattoos.

Adam, who made it to American Idol’s top two in 2009 before being beat out by Kris Allen, then committed a huge Twitter party foul. “Sad for Haley… But it’s all good! Can’t wait to hear her music,” he tweeted, spoiling the American Idol results for West Coast viewers. Has Adam learned nothing from Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter drama?

What do you think of Adam Lambert’s new tattoo?


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