Sarah Ferguson: 'Prince Andrew is my soul mate'

May 19, 2011 at 8:26 p.m. ET

In a fascinating interview with Harper's Bazaar, Sarah Ferguson says she still loves ex-husband Prince Andrew -- and calls him her soul mate.

Sarah Ferguson
Image: Getty Images

Sarah Ferguson says that despite her ups and downs with the royal family, one thing has never changed: Her abiding love for her ex-husband Prince Andrew.

"He's a great man," Ferguson said of her ex-husband and uncle to Prince William, "and a first-rate father and the bestest friend."

"I love him. He's my soul mate. It's actually what we said in front of God at the altar: We honor and respect each other until death do us part. The only thing is, he has girlfriends and I have boyfriends." While she doesn't actually have a boyfriend currently, she says, "I would love a boyfriend."

The two are so close that they have lived together on and off since their divorce -- and despite the bad press of recent years and her recent snub at the royal wedding, she currently lives in a wing of his home, the Royal Lodge.

Is there a chance for a reconciliation? She doesn't know, but if she had the chance to go back in time she would do a lot of things differently in order to hold the relationship together.

"I would have fought for Andrew and I to be together after we got married and he went to sea [with the Royal Navy] and I saw him 40 days a year for the first five years of our marriage. I would have never let anyone come between us. Actually, one of the people [at Buckingham Palace], who shall remain nameless, said, 'Oh, for heaven's sake, you're just a naval wife. Put up with it. Everyone else has to.' I would say, 'No, I'm going to be with him.'"

"I really was in love. We both were madly in love."

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