Private Practice finale: To Change the Things I Can

May 19, 2011 at 8:04 p.m. ET

Thank God Addison and Naomi are talking again, because the Private Practice finale tonight, May 19, 2011, is not going to be an easy run for the girls -- or anyone else at Oceanside! With the practice threatening to crumble, the finale's Serenity Prayer title reflects the personal battle ahead for off the wagon Amelia, as well as her colleagues. On the upside, Benjamin Bratt gets into the drama!

Addison gives Naomi support in the Private Practice finale

With the medical board suspending Violet's license and coming after the practice, Violet's tell-all novel continues to rock everyone's world this week. The docs will be faced with the tough decision between exposing themselves and allowing colleagues like Violet to take the fall or dissolving the practice altogether.

At the same time, the docs face some serious personal dilemmas.

Big boss Naomi is struggling between her temptation to run away to DC with Fife and her instinct to stay put to provide a stable home for Betsey, while helping save the practice. Thankfully, she has BFF Addison in her corner for this tough decision.

However, Naomi decides to ride off into the proverbial sunset as Audra McDonald goes off contract after this season and word is a happy ending awaits Naomi.

Newlywed Charlotte is forced to face her not so distant past when a battered rape victim comes into the hospital. The memories of her own brutal attack may come in handy in helping this new victim... or get in her way.

The tough doc is also faced with Amelia's personal crisis when she realizes the brain surgeon has fallen back to drinking. While the episode title -- To Change the Things I Can -- clearly links to Amelia falling off the wagon, the 12-step sobriety mantra could definitely come in handy for everyone at Oceanside tonight:

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

Benjamin Bratt Attack

Benjamin Bratt joins Private Practice for the finale

Case in point, Addison strives to change the things she can by picking up a hot guy in the produce department!

The hot guy, in turn, will have an intriguing proposition for her, but what this proposition is remains a top secret spoiler -- as does just about everything about this Private Practice mystery man, played by yummy new cast member Benjamin Bratt.

"The first thing that the audience will notice is that there's an immediate attraction," Bratt teased in an interview with TV Guide. "From there, almost through an act of kismet, they meet again. The finale is a kind of introduction to what he might represent in terms of romantic possibilities for Addison down the road as he becomes involved in their larger ensemble."

When the season wraps, we still may not know the whole story, but as Bratt promised, you can feel the Addison-Mystery Man chemistry in the photo here and in the clip posted below!

The season finale of Private Practice airs tonight, Thursday, May 19, 2011 on ABC at 10:01, after the Grey's Anatomy finale.

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