American Idol recap: Top 3 perform

May 18, 2011 at 10:50 p.m. ET

The American Idol top three kicked their competitive sides into high gear this week, leaving it all on the floor for America to decide -- who will move on to the finale?

Lauren Aliana

It was all on the line as Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart fought for a chance to sing in theAmerican Idol finale.

The American Idol hopefuls got three chances to wow the voting public this week, taking on a contestants' pick, Jimmy Iovine pick and judges' choice.

Beyonce not only mentored the contestants for their picks, she dropped her video for Run the World (Girls) which had a pretty sick battle feel to it -- very warrior-esque.

American Idol round one: Contestants' pick

Scotty McCreery stood by his country roots, taking on Lone Star's Amazed. This kid has a way of knowing just where to hit America. He gave the camera his patent Scotty look and it was all over. "Wow, you put a period on the end of that. Scotty's got money, Ryan," Randy Jackson chanted! We're pretty sure that was a good thing.

The other country cutie of the night, Lauren Alaina, went with Wild One by Faith Hill and we were on the fence with this one. She sounded a bit gruff but the judges thought that was her passion coming through. The comments were pretty thin on this one.

Haley Reinhart didn't have to worry about criticism with her version of Led Zeppelin's What Is and What Should Never Be. Get this -- her dad performed on the guitar. She brushed off whatever dust was left from last week and gave the finger to any doubters. Randy Jackson dubbed it "one of your best performances ever!"

American Idol Round Two: Jimmy Iovine's Pick

Jimmy Iovine picked Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not for Scotty McCreery and in an odd way, it worked. We thought it could be weird for him to sing those lyrics because he's still in high school, but he sings with such conviction it really doesn't matter. "I never heard you deliver a chorus like that before," Steven Tyler said. Jennifer Lopez had so many moments that she loved, but had one request: She wants him to shave his head like when they first met -- okay, now the judges are taking hair requests? Fantastic! We can't leave Randy out: "Scotty's in it to win it!"

Scotty McCreery

Lauren Alaina's pantyhose ripped right before her performance of If I Die Young by the Band Perry, but it didn't matter. She threw on some leg shimmer and delivered a much stronger performance in round two -- full of heart and soul that was lacking in the first round. Jennifer Lopez had to admit Lauren had a "very honest moment" in the middle of the song. Maybe Jimmy Iovine really does know how to pick a song.

Jimmy Iovine went with Stevie Nicks for Haley Reinhart. Could you have thought of a better pick than Rhiannon? That staple Reinhart growl was in check and let loose at the perfect moments. She must have been really angry after getting slammed last week, because she gave another great performance. She even had a wind machine for her hair -- at least we think it was a wind machine. Can you say perfect pitch?

American Idol Round Three: Judges' Pick

Haley Reinhart

We already knew Scotty McCreery was tasked at taking on She Believes In Me for his judges' pick. Okay, we're just going to say it. They should have put up McCreery posters and charged the audience $40 for admission -- it was like his concert. This kid is ready for the road -- not the home road -- the big-time road.

Everybody remembers being inspired by I Hope You Dance, and it was no different for Lauren Alaina. She looked like a beautiful sea of hope, singing that song in the most beautiful gown that looked like a shimmery waterfall. We totally just lost focus for a moment. Oh, her voice -- brilliant! Jennifer Lopez got the goosies -- we're guessing that means goose bumps.

Haley Reinhart growled her way through You Oughta Know. She even got up in the faces of the judges. She lost her way at some points, but she was rocking out! She heard the word "amazing" a lot from the judges.

Round three goes to Lauren Alaina.

With one round going to each contestant, it's tough to call. Who are you going to vote for -- Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina or Haley Reinhart?