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Sandra Bullock’s ‘adopted’ kids graduate high school

Sandra Bullock deserves a standing ovation, as does an entire high school class of students adopted by the actress. One hundred percent of the 2011 senior class of one New Orleans high school graduated on Tuesday!

Thanks in part to the support of Sandra Bullock, Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans has a lot to celebrate. All 220 members of the 2011 senior class are graduating this year!

The school, which Sandra Bullock ‘adopted’ in 2007, is the oldest public high school in Louisiana. Following the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina, Sandra Bullock made a conscious effort to get involved. CNN reports the actress has given “hundreds of thousands of dollars” for a new on-campus health clinic, college scholarships, band uniforms and the renovation of the auditorium.

In addition to the scholarships provided by Sandra, the seniors have been offered a whopping $4,625,100 in scholarship money from 15 different colleges and universities.

A beaming Sandra Bullock commented, “I cannot express how proud I am of the 2011 graduating class at Warren Easton. To achieve a 100 percent graduation rate just goes to show that the recipe for success lies under that roof. People who believe, people who love and support, and people who don’t take no for an answer.”

Sandra, who has struggled through the roller coaster of divorcing cheating husband Jesse James and the adoption of New Orleans-born son Louis, added, “How lucky am I to be a very small part of this great school!”

Quite an accomplishment for an entire senior class to graduate. Congratulations to all the students and, of course, Sandra Bullock!

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