Kirk Cameron slams Stephen Hawking on religion

Kirk Cameron is slamming Stephen Hawking’s view that heaven doesn’t exist and religion is a fairy tale.

Kirk Cameron

Just days after famed theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking called heaven a “fairy story” and said there is no life after death, actor Kirk Cameron slammed the scientist for his atheistic views.

Hawking, who suffers from motor neuron disease, said he has lived with the specter of death every day for 49 years — and he’s okay with there being nothing after.

“I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark,” Hawking told The Guardian.

Growing Pains star turned Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron takes exception to this opinion — while not-so-gently insulting one of the greatest minds of our era in the process.

“To say anything negative about Stephen Hawking is like bullying a blind man. He has an unfair disadvantage, and that gives him a free pass on some of his absurd ideas. Professor Hawking is heralded as ‘the genius of Britain,’ yet he believes in the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything and that life sprang from non-life,” Cameron told E! News.

“Why should anyone believe Mr. Hawking’s writings if he cannot provide evidence for his unscientific belief that out of nothing, everything came?”

Cameron’s biggest work to date since leaving Growing Pains is Left Behind, a flick with heavy evangelical Christian overtones about the Rapture and Apocalypse. He is the brother of Candace Cameron Bure.

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