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Lady Gaga’s new FarmVille song: Marry the Night

FarmVille fans may have heard it first — but now it is your turn! Lady Gaga has released her fifth song from Born This Way called Marry the Night.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is always coming up with new ways to catch our attention and get new fans (and yes, she is wearing a necklace made out of My Little Ponies in the photo). For her newest song, Marry the Night, from her upcoming Born This Way album, she is targeting FarmVille fans.

Since there are 46 million people who play FarmVille, this is an extremely smart marketing move for Lady Gaga! Her newest song can be heard by visiting a neighboring farm called GagaVille where players had to do various tasks to unlock the Marry the Night song.

GagaVille is made to represent Lady Gaga’s Born This Way style, incorporating motorcycle, leather and chrome — and she is said to be “thrilled with how things have culminated.” Players will be able to get special codes that they can use for Lady Gaga items.

GagaVille will be gone after May 26th, so check it out before it disappears. Yesterday, Lady Gaga released Hair — and today it is Marry the Night!

Listen to Marry the Night and tell us what you think >>>

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