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Oprah packs the United Center: Surprise Oprah! A farewell spectacular

Fans hit the Internet hard to get tickets to Oprah’s big bash at the United Center! It’s here, and there’s nothing left to do but wait and watch when it airs.


If you’re one of the thousands of Oprah Winfrey fans lucky enough to be attending the taping of her star-studded show, Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular, shame on you for not inviting us.

The big-budget extravaganza is just hours away from taping at Chicago’s United Center, and the producers of the show still aren’t divulging the secret superstar guest list.

According to executive producer Sheri Salata, the celebrity support “has been a resounding ‘yes.'” It seems that the Hollywood elite are there for Oprah Winfrey and not the flocks of fans that are set to pack in the United Center. Why wouldn’t they be? This is her big moment.

Salata added, “Celebrities from film, television and music feel a deep appreciation for the support they have received from Oprah and the show over the years. Oprah will be very touched by that gratitude.”

The May 17 taping will air in two parts on May 23 and 24, with The Oprah Winfrey Show’s final sign-off hitting us hard on May 25.

How is Oprah Winfrey feeling about the end of an era? “Oprah is in great spirits, energized and taking in every last bit of these final days,” Salata said.

She added, “The producers are a little teary-eyed — it’s hard to say goodbye.”

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