Check out Demi Lovato's hot bikini bod

May 16, 2011 at 8:07 p.m. ET

Recovering from bulimia, Disney star Demi Lovato tweets a photo of herself in a bikini and includes an inspiring message to other girls struggling with body image issues.

Demi Lovato bikini picture

Demi Lovato seems to be making progress with conquering her eating disorder and self-harm issues. The 18-year-old Sonny with a Chance star entered rehab this year to help her recover, and she tweeted a photo of herself healthy and smiling in a bikini.

"I've been working so hard to get healthy and fit... I can't believe I'm about to do this but I'm so excited. Here's my bikini time body!" she tweets.

Showing off her tanned and toned body (along with her ribcage tattoo), Lovato poses for the camera in a white bikini.

"I never thought I'd ever feel confident enough to ever do that. I'm excited how far I've come since being completely ashamed of my body," she writes. "I want any girl/guy out there who struggles with body image or confidence to know that it IS possible to find peace with yourself."

Lovato struggled with an eating disorder at the age of 12, after being bullied for being fat. She said it eventually progressed into bulimia. "At my worst, I was doing it five times a day. I threw up so hard and so much, it was just blood in the toilet." She said she soon started taking drugs and alcohol -- and even started cutting herself as "a way of relieving pressure when I was stressed and had anxiety."

Lovato checked into a rehabilitation program in October of 2010 and stayed for three months to help her work on her issues.

"It hasn't been easy, but it starts with a commitment to yourself. Your mind. And your soul. And trust me, I'm still working at it!!" she tweeted.

Way to go, Demi! We are pulling for you!