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Angelina Jolie chooses name for directorial debut

Angelina Jolie has finally decided on a title for her directorial debut: In the Land of Blood and Honey. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Angelina Jolie

According to Us Magazine, Angelina Jolie has locked in on the name for her directorial debut. Since Angelina Jolie’s film hits theaters on December 23, 2011, she had to come up with a name — fast. Being the creative genius she is, Jolie came up with the dramatic, yet fitting title, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

“The film is specific to the Bosnian War, but it’s also universal,” Angelina Jolie said in a statement. She added in regards to In the Land of Blood and Honey, “I wanted to tell a story of how human relationships and behavior are deeply affected by living inside a war.”

Angelina Jolie does not appear in the film herself, but she has a great deal of respect for those locals who took part in it. “The former Yugoslavia has a rich history of dramatic arts. The cast was extraordinary,” Jolie said. “I was privileged and honored to work with them and I am very excited for everyone to see their immense talent.”

What do you think of the title In the Land of Blood and Honey? Do you think Angelina Jolie has a hit on her hands? Tell us, we want to know!

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