Nick Cannon: Mariah didn't abuse alcohol while breastfeeding!

May 13, 2011 at 8:10 p.m. ET

New daddy Nick Cannon filled Mario Lopez in on the facts behind the Child Protective Services call that someone from the hospital made, accusing Mariah Carey of drinking while breastfeeding. It turns out she was drinking, but certainly not enough to warrant a CPS call.

Mariah CareyNick Cannon sat down with Mario Lopez of Extra and talked about new dad sleep deprivation, the visit that Child Protective Services paid him and Mariah Carey for her alleged alcohol abuse while breastfeeding and his take on Ashton Kutcher joining Two and a Half Men.

Apparently, Child Protective Services came out to the hospital to investigate Carey in response to an anonymous call from someone at the hospital reporting that she was abusing alcohol while breastfeeding Moroccan and Monroe. Cannon explained, "One of the nurses told my wife that to make the breast milk come out, drink a little dark Guinness -- and it actually happened! So I guess that's where the story came from."

"The Child Protective Services agent came to me in the hospital in the hallway. They were like, 'This is ridiculous. Clearly, you guys are loving parents.' It's sad the length that people will go."

We have to agree -- that is ridiculous.

Cannon said that at first, he was skeptical that the person was even from CPS.

He also talked about the babies' names and how the couple had always agreed that if they had a girl, Mariah would name her and if they had a boy, Cannon would name him. Looks like the twins worked out perfectly!

"We had these names for years... She always wanted to have a little girl named Marilyn; she loves Marilyn Monroe. Moroccan was for the boy. It was kind of both of our names kind of together, and I proposed to my wife in our Moroccan room in the New York house. So it had a little symbolism. And I always like the name Roc Cannon, like Nick Cannon. So I got the Roc and Roe."

Cannon gave his opinion on Ashton Kutcher filling Charlie Sheen's role on Two and a Half Men, saying that he heard about the check Kutcher is getting for the show and joked he'd do it, too! Cannon then said that he'd have to see how Kutcher fit in because he and Sheen are two different people with two different characters.