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Lady Gaga dumps her drunk boyfriend Luc Carl

Lady Gaga revealed that she’s single again during a television appearance in the UK.

Lady Gaga is single and ready to mingle. The Born This Way singer appeared on UK comedian Graham Norton’s show to perform.

Lady Gaga and Luc Carl break up

“I don’t have a boyfriend and haven’t been on any dates recently,” Lady Gaga told Norton while clad in a wedding dress.

“I haven’t been on any dates recently because I have been working so hard and I get very bored very quickly with men,” she continued. “I guess they would get freaked out by this wedding dress.”

The revelation is news to the singer’s little monsters — she reunited with Drunk Diet author Luc Carl in 2010.

Carl, 28, is a Nebraska-born musician who moved to New York City several years ago. He worked in a bar on Manhattan’s Lower East Side when he met Stefani Germanotta before she became Lady Gaga.

“I’ve really never loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him. That relationship really shaped me. I sort of resolved that if you can’t have the guy of your dreams, there are other ways to give love,” Lady Gaga said after the couple got back together last summer.

Things were pretty serious between Carl and the GagaVille singer — she even spent Christmas 2010 and New Year’s 2011 in Carl’s hometown of Springfield, Nebraska. Population? 1,579 people.

Think Lady Gaga stuck out there? Uh, yeah.

So, now’s your chance, guys named Judas! Lady Gaga is ready and waiting for you!

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