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Whitney Houston to daughter: ‘If I go to rehab, you’re going, too!’


Whitney Houston has checked into rehab, and it turns out daughter Bobbi Kristina is in rehab, too. Now Whitney and Bobby Brown are blaming each other for their daughter’s problems.

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

On Monday, Whitney Houston‘s camp announced the troubled singer had checked herself into an outpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol problems. Today it was revealed that Houston’s daughter with Bobby Brown, who has struggled with his share of substance abuse problems, has checked herself into an outpatient rehab program, too.

In March, photos of Bobbi Kristina, 18, allegedly snorting cocaine appeared in the National Enquirer. The May 23rd issue of the magazine, Celebitchy reports, reveals Bobbi Kristina, who goes by Krissi, was forced to enter rehab by her mother.

“If I go to rehab, you’re going, too!” Houston is reported to have told her daughter. “But Krissi… shrieked back that she wasn’t going alone!” The battle continued with Houston declaring, “You’re ruining the family name! Whether you like it or not — you’re going to rehab!”

Krissi retorted, “What about you? You’re the one who’s destroying us! You’re the one who’s a mess!” She continued, “If you can do drugs and booze, so can I! Now you’re demanding I go to rehab. If I go, you’re going too!”

As of today, both women are reportedly in two rehab facilities in Malibu, California that are 15 miles from one another, and they are allowed to go home at night.

It’s too soon to say what will happen, but hopefully mother and daughter will share sobriety in common down the line.

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