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Inside Extreme Couponing

Amber is a mother of four and, like so many moms, feels the need to make her grocery dollars go further. She turns to coupons to help defray the cost of each store run, but Amber may have a problem in that she takes the art of couponing to the outer limits of reasonable.

On tonight’s Extreme Couponing at 9:30 p.m., the story of Amber is presented, as always with the care that TLC is known for in their reality series programming.

Amber and her Extreme Couponing

Amber’s issues are serious in a Hoarders type of way. Sure, what she is hoarding is food secured at cheap prices, but according to her husband Colin, it is taking over their lives. Just one example: Because of coupons, she has 60 boxes of cake mix. She could make a birthday cake for each of her four kids and it would last for 15 years!

Colin jokes in the episode that if there ever was a big earthquake, the family could survive on cake mix for decades. Yet, Amber sticks to her guns and believes that what she does with couponing is good for her family and their finances.

Check out our exclusive clip that takes you inside the world of Extreme Couponing with Amber and Colin.

Extreme Couponing exclusive clip

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