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Lindsay Lohan gets lightest sentence ever

Call her Lucky Lindsay! Lindsay Lohan was handed the lightest sentence possible in her probation violation/necklace theft case.

Lindsay Lohan

Shawn Chapman Holley earned her legal fees today: The attorney somehow managed to get Lindsay Lohan pretty much the most peach plea deal ever on her probation violation and necklace theft cases.

Holley managed to get both cases combined and pleaded no contest on both counts on Lindsay’s behalf, meaning Lohan only has to suffer one punishment. What exactly is that punishment? Her sentence is 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service.

Think that doesn’t sound very light? In actuality, Lindsay will not be going to jail at all. The judge is allowing her to serve her sentence under house arrest, and the early release situation in California means that it is unlikely Lindsay will serve more than 14 days. She must report to jail on June 17 — worst case scenario is to check in, best case and most likely scenario is to be fitted with her monitoring bracelet.

While Lindsay is under house arrest she is not allowed to leave her home for any reason, even to complete her community service — which, by the way, is at a morgue and a women’s shelter. She also must attend the Shoplifter’s Alternative program, undergo psychological counseling and pay a whole $180 in fines. Her $75,000 bail was eradicated.

The judge ordered Lohan to stay away from Kamofie & Co., the jeweler who accused her of the theft.

Once the actress completes her community service, her DUI probation will be terminated, but she still has the three years probation left on the necklace theft. Think she can stay out of trouble for that long?

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