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Martha Stewart & Michelle Obama: New BFFs?


Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama staged a tribute to military moms for Mother’s Day — and developed a nice little friendship along the way.

Michelle Obama Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama met up at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to film a Mother’s Day special in celebration of military moms. Martha Stewart Presents: America’s Moms — A Celebration of Military Families aired Sunday, and Martha was thrilled to make a new friend.

In fact, the two already have plans to hang out!

“I’m gonna go down and see the (White House) garden, because she finally invited me!” Martha said. “I’m so excited. You know, I love that White House.”

What will the pair talk about? “If she has any problems or challenges in the garden, I’m sure I can help her with those,” the domestic goddess joked.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama had lots of kudos for the hardworking military moms out there.

“Watching these men and women who stay behind and do it with such grace and dignity, it just makes me want to do my job even better and take care of my kids, but make sure that I’m contributing to the broader community and juggling like those women are juggling, and doing it without complaining, and realizing the blessings that these positions offer, and not wallowing in the minor inconveniences that come along with it,” she said. “Those women show me how to be better at what I’m doing.”

Yay for new friends and great moms!

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