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Jermaine Dupri’s baby’s mama wants her money


Jermaine Dupri is in the financial hot seat — again. His baby’s mama is suing him for not paying court-ordered child support. How much does he owe?

Jermaine Dupri

Dupri may claim Money Ain’t a Thang, but it must be because he owes his baby’s mama, Sarai Jones, child support and he’s not paying. An Atlanta judge ordered Jermaine Dupri to pay Jones $2,500 each month, plus $7,500, for his daughter. A DNA test confirmed his paternity and the child support order occurred when she was seven months old.

Now, E! News is reporting that Dupri stopped paying not long after the court order. Apparently, Randy Kessler, Jones’ attorney, told E! News, “She wants to resolve it without having to go to court and work together with him to raise their child.”

Umm… we’re guessing he’s not going to work with her to “raise their child” if he’s not even financially supporting her.

Kessler further stated, “She has nothing negative to say about him.”

That’s okay, she can take the high road. It seems that plenty of people all over the Internet have something negative to say about Dupri skipping out on his child support obligation.

However, it’s not just Sarai Jones that isn’t being paid by Dupri. E! further reports that the Grammy winner’s $2.5 million home was on the auction block, but was taken off last week without explanation. He allegedly owes the state of Georgia almost $500,000 in back taxes for 2007. Ouch. Most people’s homes aren’t worth that much.

So far, no word from Dupri’s reps on why he’s not paying his child support. We hope that he clears up this little misunderstanding soon and takes responsibility — financially, at the very least — for his daughter’s sake.

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