Johnny Depp and Steven Tyler's 'dream' collaboration

May 10, 2011 at 6:14 p.m. ET

Johnny Depp is busy promoting Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which lands May 20, while American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is promoting a new autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? and a new solo single, (It) Feels So Good. Turns out, Depp and Tyler may soon have something to promote together, as well. Word is the actor and the rocker have been hitting the studio to record some music!

"I get to write songs with Johnny Depp," Steven Tyler told Matt Lauer back in April. "He plays music and I called him [and said], 'I'm coming over, we're going to write a song together.' He's like, 'Yeah, come over... tell me if I'm playing Seasons of Wither right.'"

Steven Tyler at Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides premiere

Now, news arises from the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides press scene that Depp's in heaven over landing collaboration time with Tyler and the two have even been recording.

"We've been hanging out here and there," Depp told Extra, according to MSN. "He's someone I've admired greatly for such a long time. The idea of writing songs with him is a dream come true."

Depp may be Hollywood's biggest actor, but he started out as a rocker before Nightmare on Elm Street and 21 Jump Street turned him into a star and his style has never lost that rocker flare. Depp, who recently worked with the Brit band Babybird, also famously based his Pirates of the Caribbeancharacter Jack Sparrow on legendary rocker Keith Richards.

Perhaps inspired by the Richards nod, the American Idol judge recently tapped Depp as his first pick to play him in a biopic about his life and Depp didn't mind the idea.

"I would give it a shot, why not?" Depp shrugged.

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