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The Vampire Diaries preview: As I Lay Dying

The good news? We finally get to see the season two finale of The Vampire Diaries! The bad news? We finally get to see the season two finale of The Vampire Diaries! We know, it’s bittersweet to be in the midst of the finale, but As I Lay Dying will hopefully give answers about Damon’s werewolf bite and where the heck Klaus is hiding now.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries were thrown for a gut-wrenching loop when the body count included Jenna and Uncle John last week. They were even more disturbed watching Elijah run off with Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

Vampire Diaries

But it’s a new week and the finale of The Vampire Diaries is here. Among other important loose ends to tie up, As I Lay Dying will hopefully give us the antidote to Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) werewolf bite, but we’re not so sure they’ll give us what we want so easily. This is The Vampire Diaries, after all!

With limited details on the guarded finale, we can say that the town of Mystic Falls will be gearing up for a town square screening of Gone with the Wind, where Damon will confuse memories of Katherine (Nina Dobrev) from 1864 with present-day Elena (also Nina Dobrev). Stefan (Paul Wesley) tries to stop a tragedy from taking place, but ends up paying for his efforts. We’re thinking this ties into his brother’s pending death.

We will finally get to see Sheriff Forbes in action! Unfortunately, it will be under deadly circumstances as she makes a very grave mistake while trying to protect everyone. The CW says, “More than one life hangs in the balance as the consequences of the sacrifice ritual play out to a horrifying conclusion,” and that leaves us wondering — should we watch with our hands half covering our eyes? Because this could be scary.

Check out a preview of The Vampire Diaries’ season two finale, As I Lay Dying.

Vampire Diaries season finale clip!

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