Did Bar Refaeli give Leonardo DiCaprio the boot?

May 5, 2011 at 3:15 p.m. ET

Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio might be on the outs, according to a new report. Are they breaking up?

Bar Refaeli and Leo DiCaprio hit a rough patch

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli might be one of Maxim magazine's Hot 100 women, but that's not helping her now on-the-rocks relationship with longtime boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.

The couple reportedly hit a "rough patch" after Refaeli went to the Met Gala afterparty at Crown while DiCaprio partied away at the Standard Hotel with a few male friends, according to the New York Post.

This wouldn't be the first time that the couple took a breather: They broke up for a few months in 2009.

"It was a half year for which I am very grateful," Refaeli, 26, told L'Isha magazine after they got back together. "I needed it. I came to understand a lot of things about myself."

"I worked on myself [and] I grew up," Refaeli continued. "I didn't know what 'alone' was like. Today I know that a relationship can work only if you know you can be alone and you are not afraid. Today, I'm not afraid of being alone."

Well, we're pretty sure DiCaprio has his pick of the hottest women in the world, but we still like these two together -- after all, they have been dating for about seven years.

Regardless, both Refaeli and DiCaprio can move on from this breakup: Refaeli with some other A-lister and DiCaprio with us. Call us, Leo!