6 Stars who make us say: ‘We get it, you’re in love’

May 6, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. ET

When you're super-famous and crazy in love, sometimes a stroll down the red carpet in front of the paparazzi isn't enough -- you want the world to know just by looking at you! These celebs took the phrase "wearing your heart on your sleeve" to a whole new level:

Celebrity style PDA

1. Katy Perry: Russell Brand manicure

Katy Perry: Russell Brand manicure

At the 2010 MTV VMAs, all Perry had to do was flash her nails when reporters asked her where her absent fiancé, Brand, was. For the night, his face was emblazoned on Katy's tips in this highly personalized manicure.

2. Eva Longoria: Tony Parker necklaces and tattoo


When they got married in 2007, Longoria and b-baller Parker were adorable and all, but there is such a thing as taking your fashion PDA too far. Eva was frequently seen at San Antonio Spurs games sporting one of two necklaces that declared her love: Tony's number ("9") encrusted in diamonds, as well as an "E&T" initial necklace. Then, in 2008, she got a neck tattoo that said "nine." The pair divorced this past January. Hope she wears her hair down most of the time.

3. Demi Moore: Ashton Kutcher Twitter account

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

These days, a fashion statement can take the form of an online persona too. When Moore opened her Twitter account, she chose a name that left no doubt as to who her better half was: @mrskutcher.

4. Britney Spears: Kevin Federline tank top

Britney Spears: Kevin Federline tank top

Oh, man. Was this the beginning of the end of the Britney we knew and loved or what? Spears donned a "Mrs. Federline" wife-beater in 2004 to proclaim her love for her new hubby, backup dancer Federline. The pair divorced in 2007 after having two children, but Federline wasn't done makin' bacon: He's currently expecting his fifth child with new girlfriend Victoria Prince.

5. Johnny Depp: Winona Ryder tattoo

Johnny Depp: Winona Ryder tattoo

It's safe to say that Depp probably wasn't thinking ahead when he got "Winona Forever" tattooed on his right arm. After his and Ryder's 1993 breakup, he removed only part of the tattoo to form the new sentiment "Wino Forever." Bizarre, but "bizarre" is exactly what makes Johnny Depp so hot.

6. Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo jersey

Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo jersey

Who needs a blue-and-white Dallas Cowboys jersey when you can totes wear a nice pink version to your boyf's football game, right, Jessica? Errrr... maybe not. Despite Simpson's show of support in a pale pink number-9 shirt at ex-boyfriend Romo's December 17 game back in 2007, Romo played the worst game of his career that day, leading sports commentators to speculate that she was cursing the team. They even named the run of bad luck the "Jessica Jinx." Awkward. Romo dumped Simpson in 2009 the day before her 29th birthday, so maybe he deserved that curse.

Don't think they're the only celebs wearing their love where everyone can see it. Recently Tori Spelling unveiled her Dean tattoo while pregnant and in her bikini. Check it out >>